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All Coffee equipment requires scheduled maintenance to reduce the chance of failure, not only that but to make sure that your equipment is producing the best product possible for your customers.

The most important thing is that your coffee premises and equipment is safe for you and your customers.

The frequency of service schedules depend on certain factors: The type of machine, its usage, the water hardness level in the area, and how well the owner/user keeps to the general everyday maintenance.

All machines that do not have a ‘de-scale cycle’ as part of their maintenance program; should also have their Water Softener replaced regularly to protect them from their worst enemy; ‘LIME SCALE’ and we offer a water treatment service.

Boiler Inspection’s are a very important part of our service schedule.

Unfortunately if the boiler builds up to much pressure and the safety valve fails, your espresso coffee machine could turn in to a bomb! This is why we take boiler inspections very seriously and so should you.

All boiler inspections carried out are in compliance with HSE Pressure Systems and Safety Regulations 2000 (SI2000 no. 128).

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We understand that your business depends on your espresso equipment to run smoothly and efficiency, the first step to achieving this is keeping your equipment serviced and maintained.

Unfortunately espresso machines can break down and here at DT Developments we understand the effect on your business this can have.

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